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Software that guides you through the user research process with interview question examples, plans, templates and cheatsheet.

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How UXSquid works

Interview Users, Analyse Feedback & Make Improvements

If you want to improve your website or product, it's important to understand what your users think and how they interact with it. Our platform makes it easy to conduct user interviews and gather feedback. Simply use our automation tools to set up interviews with your target audience, and gather valuable information.

We will analyse their experiences and interactions with your company using cutting-edge artifical intelligence. Then, make important suggestions and enhancements that will make your product better for your users.

  1. Start a user experience interview

    It takes just 5 minutes to create a new user experience interview project by entering just a few lines of information.

  2. Gather user feedback

    We will invite your users to interview with you. Record, transcribe and gather crucial information about your user's experience automatically.

  3. Analyse user experience

    Using the information gathered, we will analyse product performance, provide metrics, suggestions and reccomendations.

  4. Full UX research report

    A comprehensive user research report with data, outcome and reccomendations will be made available to you.

User Inteviews Made Easy

Conduct user research interviews with UXSquid

UXSquid has everything you need to conduct effective user experience research. With our UX research tool, you gain a powerful combination of user interviewing and transcription tools, AI technology and expert analysis.

Our AI technology analyzes the data gathered from interviews and provides you with meaningful insights on your user's experiences. You can go beyond the surface and get a deeper understanding of your users and how they are interacting with your products, enabling you to prioritize your product and marketing efforts.

  • Automated UX research method, highly efficient and effective
  • All-in-one user research platform with interviewing tool & process
  • Library of user research interview questions
  • Easy to follow UX research plan and template / cheat sheet

With UXSquid you can seamlessly create projects, conduct interviews and get insights into your users' experiences automagically.

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  • UX research analysis - full report & reccomendations
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